sprout organization

sprout organization

About Us

Sprout Organization was founded this year (2019) and is currently run by four board members. Our board members are mainly run by youths from the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal is to show our commitment to the city through cultural and youth development. We are determined to progress our organization through learning with and from those in the community. We hope to specifically empower the city of Hamilton by enriching its Communities, Culture and Heritage Program.

Long Term Goals: 

  • Host large and small events (i.e., Hamilton Night Market, Youth Workshops, fundraising events)
  • Youth mentorship opportunities (i.e., volunteers, hiring youth for events, hiring and training future board members)
  • Encourage public participation in cultural  activities and experiences
  • Bring awareness to and support important  Hamilton initiatives
  • Preserve and celebrate the community and its many identities
  • Build community pride and connection

Board of Directors

Julia Park

(PR, Marketing,

Catherine Qi

Catherine Qi

Lisa Li

Lisa Li

Ryan Xu

Ryan Xu
Youth Development


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